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$36.25 EverEarth Wooden Carpenter Workbench +Free Store Pickup

Walmart offers EverEarth Wooden Carpenter Workbench for $36.25 (orig. $118.94) with free store pickup.

*Select store pickup to get the price

Product Description:

This EverEarth Wooden Workbench will be a hit with any kids who love to hammer, saw or pretend to fix things. It is designed to provide hours of fun while your little carpenter puts the different tools, including a screwdriver and wrench, to good use. This sturdy carpenter workbench is made from all-natural wood and is decorated with watercolor-based paints. This workbench will boost your kids' imaginations while they keep busy. It makes a wonderful gift for a birthday or other special occasion and can be used in any play area. For four decades, EverEarth has been making eco-ethical wooden toys for children of all ages. Toys like the EverEarth Wooden Workbench are made to promote hands-on fun and inspire hours of imaginative play. They are also designed with your child's safety and the Earth's future in mind thanks to their eco-friendly materials.

Thanks Maggie

Category: Babies & Kids

Posted on 14 July 2017, 12:18 PM
posted by Maggie
14 July 2017, 12:18 PM