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$49.99 Cuisinart COH-755 Cleanburn Smokeless 7.5" Table Top Fire Pit, Easy Clean Ash Tray

Woot offers Cuisinart COH-755 Cleanburn Smokeless 7.5" Table Top Fire Pit, Easy Clean Ash Tray for $49.99 (orig. $69.99). Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Description:
Enjoy the warmth without the smoke with the Cuisinart 7.5” Cleanburn Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit to create a beautiful ambiance for all your outdoor functions. Portable so you can take it anywhere. With open wood fire pits, there is always someone who gets in the way of a cloud of smoke every so often, not anymore! Everyone can gather around and enjoy the warmth from this small smokeless style fire pit! Dual-Fueled by wood pellets or mini firewood logs, this 7.5” Cleanburn smokeless design increases the airflow and burning process, so you can have the smokeless function with high heat performance. The bottom vents pull cooler oxygen in, feeding the flames from below while traveling between our innovative curved shaped double walls, causing the air to heat up, while igniting a fire faster. The hot air then travels through holes at the top of the unit, burning off any ash debris or smoke that the flames create, making this a smokeless fire pit. This 7.5" Cleanburn fire pit is crafted with stainless-steel interior bowl, and high-heat black steel outer bowl construction that will last for many great fires in the years to come. Clean-up takes just 2 steps with our patent-pending removable tray for ash base design. Simply sweep leftover ashes in the bowl thru the vent holes, disconnect the fire bowl and lift the stainless-steel removable tray for ash base to empty the ashes, its that simple, no need to dump ashes out the bowl or lifting a separate removable tray for ash insert like all the others. Weighing only 2.0 lbs. makes it easy to move locations for your next fire pit experience. Gather your family & friends around the patio dinner table or the center table. This is perfect heat for making S'mores or just roasting marshmallows with the young and older kids! This 7.5” Cleanburn Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit is awesome for making new memories while enjoying the nice warmth it provides, the Cleanburn system will make you warmer, quicker! (Dimensions are: 7.6” Wide x 6.95” Height assembled.)
  • LOW SMOKE DESIGN: The double-walled design with stainless-steel interior and high-heat black enameled steel outside bowl creates a natural gas shield, which in return yields a smokeless fire. Add your choice of fuel as your fire dies down to sustain your smokeless flame and extend your heating times.
  • AIR FLOW: The innovative bottom vent design pulls oxygen in, feeding the flames from below, while also traveling between our curved shaped double walls causing the air to heat up. Go to lighting to full burning in minutes by placing your fuel of choice inside the bowl and lighting a fire-starter. Attached to the removable tray for ash base are 3-legs that raise the fire pit up off the table surface keeping temperatures lower underneath, helping keep the table top cooler.
  • CLEANBURN DESIGN: The curved interior allows for additional airflow, creating an instant ignition while creating a long-lasting burn. The insulated bowl creates extreme clean-burning heat and finishes with nothing but ash.
  • DUAL-FUEL OPTION: Our integrated pellet chamber design allows you to have dual-fuel function to enjoy wherever your next outdoor experience happens. No need to purchase a special type of wood, we recommend you use wood pellets or mini split logs of up to 5.5” long, both styles burn extremely well inside. Adding 1.8 lbs of pellets or layer in 4-5 mini firewood logs with a single firestarter, adding more as needed keeps the fire & flames going and the heat you're looking for.
  • UPSCALE, SLEEK DESIGN: The modern aesthetic will transform any tabletop into its own luxurious escape for many fires. Give your fire pit a solid surface to rest on. Best when placed in the center table area for all to feel the warmth while enjoying the flames dance and brighten smiles. Dimensions (W x H) – 7.6 x 6.95 in.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 14 February 2024, 05:40 AM