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$409.99 (NEW) Sonos Era 100 Wireless Speaker (2-Pack) (Black or White_ + FS w/Prime

Woot offers (NEW) Sonos Era 100 Wireless Speaker (2-Pack) for $409.99 (orig. $498.00), Black or White + free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Product Description:

Featuring next-gen acoustics and new levels of connectivity, Era 100 transforms any room with the finely tuned stereo sound and rich bass your music deserves.
  • Easily play all your audio content using WiFi and Bluetooth®
  • Connect your turntable or other device using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.
  • Enjoy hands-free control with your voice.
  • Pair two in the same room for even richer stereo sound or immersive home theater surround sound. Add more Sonos speakers around your home amazing sound in every room.
  • Powered by a 47% faster processor, the next-gen dual-tweeter acoustic architecture produces detailed stereo separation while a 25% larger midwoofer deepens the bass
  • Dual angled tweeters send crisp high frequencies left and right for a rich stereo experience.
  • Stream the highest-quality audio from anywhere in your home without interruptions from calls or notifications.
  • With the press of a button, you and your family and friends can stream directly from a paired Bluetooth device.
  • More Powerful as a Pair: Take the sound from room-filling to thrilling when you put two speakers in the same room6. Get ready for an even wider stereo soundstage and truly awe-inspiring sweet spot.
  • With a tap in the Sonos app, Trueplay™ tuning technology analyzes the unique acoustics of your space and optimizes the speaker’s EQ. So all your content sounds just the way it should.
  • Cinematic surround sound: Lose yourself in TV shows, movies, games, and music when you use a pair as rear speakers with Ray, Beam, Arc, or Amp.

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Posted on 03 March 2024, 05:36 AM
posted by Maggie
03 March 2024, 05:36 AM