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128GB Voice Activated Recorder Device AC +FS

Amazon offers 128GB Voice Activated Recorder Device for after code free shipping.

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Product Description:
  • Powered by SV3.0 Technology: With a 100% increase in operating frequency, an innovative compact design, and an upgraded circuit board structure, SV3.0 technology makes our latest digital voice recorder more portable and lighter without sacrificing a drop of performance.
  • Reduce Noise By Up to 80%: SV11 noise cancelling dictaphone have a high sensitivity sound sensor, an oversized driver, and an innovative noise isolation chamber that providing 360° and 1536 kbps crystal clear sound quality for peaceful recording in noisy environment.
  • 128GB Large Capacity: SV11 voice recorder with playback is newly upgraded, with a recording time of up to 1600 hours, and can be fully charged in just 1-2 hours. Ideal for lectures, meetings, language practice and music recording.
  • Voice-Activated Mode: This mode ensures that SV11 voice recorder device only captures sound when needed, effectively conserving battery and storage. It's a key feature making it a user-friendly dictation device . Factory setting is OFF, please read the manual instruction before achieve this function.
  • Strong Attachment: Equipped with ultra-strong magnets that firmly attach to the metal surface your preferred, this tape recorder is suitable for car, table, metal track, ect.
  • Low Battery Auto Save: Never worry about losing your recordings again. Our sound recorder automatically saves your work when the battery gets low, making it a reliable choice among recorders.
  • Compatibility & Portable: This pocket-sized audio recorder is only 1oz, slim enough to seamlessly pop inside your pack, purse or pocket. With multi-system compatibility, it's a versatile digital voice recorders that also functions as a USB flash drive and MP3 player. Compatible with Windows (PC), IOS (Mac), Linux. Not Compatible with Chromebooks. Perfect for any occasion like work, study, travel and sport.
  • SUPPORTED BY AUDIO EXPERTS - Incredible Brand Loved by 20 Million+ People. All of our products are designed and supported with the cooperation of audio professionals, dedicated to bring you different lifestyle. DETAILED MANUAL and INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO, 100% product warranty!

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Posted on 19 March 2024, 01:52 PM