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Earclip Bone Conduction Headset AC +FS

Amazon offers Earclip Bone Conduction Headset for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【 Painless ear clip $bone conduction】 The newly developed ear clip design has a novel and fashionable appearance and an open appearance, ensuring that you can feel the sound of the external environment while listening to music, movies and sports. The earplugs and earphones are designed with ergonomic comfort. Bone conduction ear clip headset Bluetooth innovative ear clip design is painless. Adopting ear clip design, innovative, healthy, comfortable, and painless for any ear shape.
  • 【Ultra low latency, clear cal】 Bluetooth 5.3, a leap in connection and pairing: Compared to Bluetooth 5.2 or earlier versions of wireless headphones, the 5.3 chip provides stronger and more stable signals without worrying about call interruptions. Watching videos and playing games with almost no delay allows you to immerse yourself more deeply in the movie. When the charging box is opened, these earmuff headphones will immediately open and connect to the previously connected device.
  • 【 Small and portable, intelligent touch 】 Bluetooth earplugs are small and compact; Compact, more convenient and safe to travel. Music control, answer/disconnect phone calls, convenient touch operation. Equipped with a built-in headphone jack switch that does not block the ears, it can be paired by opening the lid. It is compatible with Bluetooth and is suitable for various devices.
  • 【 Low Power, Long Range】 New 5.3 chip with enhanced battery, low power, long range, enjoy watching TV shows and playing games. The Bluetooth clip of the bone conduction headset can listen for up to 6 hours at a time, and can play for up to 36 hours in both ears when using the charging box.
  • 【 Sports Earphones&IPX7 Waterproof】This wireless earphone features IPX7 waterproof and rigid seam design, making it easy to resist all weather conditions such as exercise, rain, and sweating. This type of sports ear clip earplugs are attached to your ears without covering them, allowing you to hear music and the surrounding environment at the same time. Whether you are cycling, walking, running, exercising, or driving, you can always pay attention to traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, and so on.

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Posted on 29 March 2024, 11:49 AM