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ECOWITT Wittboy Weather Station GW2001 +FS

Amazon offers ECOWITT Wittboy Weather Station GW2001 for free shipping.

Product Description:
  • 【Compact & Built to Last 7-in-1 Weather Station】: Ecowitt Wittboy weather station includes Wi-Fi Hub and 7-in-1 outdoor weather sensor. The integrated outdoor weather sensor collects accurate temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, light and UV levels as well as rainfall data and transmit them to the wittboy Wi-Fi hub. The live data can be viewed on WS View Plus or Ecowitt APP after Wi-Fi configuration.
  • 【Haptic Rain Sensor】: Compared with traditional rain gauge sensor, WittBoy is equipped with a Haptic Rainfall Sensor at the top that accurately measures rainfall volume in detail: featuring rain detection and rain stop interpretation functions. This special sensor does not vibrate, it is not affected even by harsh weather conditions, and it’s designed to keep working with accuracy in any context.
  • 【Other Features】: Meets Waterproof IPX5 Standards, and it is made from Thermal Insulation Materials. Equipped with a built-in solar panel & backup batteries; Long transmission range up to 150m (500ft) of distance if there are obstacles within the range and up to 300m (1,000ft) of distance in open space. The bird spikes included allows you to say goodbye to the birds interference.
  • 【Support Pairing With Ecowitt Developed and To Be Developed Sensors】: Except for pairing with Wittboy outdoor sensor, wittboy Wi-Fi hub can connect with all ecowitt developed and to be developed sensors, such as up to 8 × WH51 soil moisture sensors/ WN31(WH31) thermo-hygrometer/ WN36 pool thermometer/ WN34 thermometer, up to 4 × WH41/WH43 air quality sensors/ WH55 water leak detector, 1 × WH40 rain gauge sensor/ WH45 air quality sensor/ WS68 anemometer sensor and so on.
  • 【Easy to Install & Configure Wi-Fi】: Just install the weather station on the mounting tube and base and see how stable the device stays. This stability is critically important for the accuracy of the sensors and the reported data. It is easy for you to complete the Wi-Fi configuration according to the including quick start. There are three Wi-Fi configuration methods available.
  • 【Support Uploading to Internet】: When finished Wi-Fi configuration, Wittboy is capable of sending your sensor data to select internet-based weather services, such as Ecowitt Weather, Weather Underground, Weather Cloud, Weather Observation Website (WOW) or Customized Website(Supports uploading to your customized website, if the website has the same protocol with Wunderground or Ecowitt).
  • 【Graph/History Records on the Website & Email Alerts】: supports uploading all the sensors data to our free Ecowitt Weather server(ecowitt.net) to view all the data graph and download the history records on the website; Email alerts functions available for wittboy weather sensor.
  • 【NOTE】The daily rain deviation of WS90 is very small in the long run, but under certain conditions the deviation could be larger: As the rain drop size and wind speed can have different impacts on the sensor output which lead to this variance. The WS90 product suffer from this imperfectness. If you are very demanding on rain data accuracy, we recommend you purchase WH40 and use it with WS90. If there is no precise requirement on data of each rain, then WS90 is just fine.

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Posted on 21 April 2024, 12:10 PM