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SIMOLIO Wireless Headphones AC +FS

Amazon offers SIMOLIO Wireless Headphones for after code free shipping.

Apply Code: Z67559JE

Product Description:
  • [Optimize TV Volume with Full Intelligibility]Unlike other headphones that only emphasize high volume, this wireless TV headphone features voice clarity tech that reduces distracting background noisesto make TV conversations stand out, allowing you to hear every second of your favorite shows, films and songs without turning up your TV volume.Auto signal control tech stabilizes sudden increases in TV volume to protect your hearing. Supports optical, RCA & 3.5 mm audio outputs on all TVs.
  • [Plug & Play, Long Range, Zero Delay] No complex Bluetooth pairing or disconnecting, simply turn on both devices and they will auto connect. Operating on the 2.4GHz radio frequency, this RF tv wireless headphone has superior sound reproduction and a powerful signal that can pass through ceilings or walls. Working range up to 100ft/30m. One transmitter supports multiple headphones simultaneously. No lip-sync delay, it delivers high quality sound in perfect sync with on-screen video.
  • [Innovative By-pass Feature, Simultaneous Audio Transmission to TV Headphone and Soundbar/AVR] The “by-pass” allows TV headset to work TOGETHER with your existing soundbar or stereo AV Receiver to share the same audio output port on your TV. You will be able to hear the TV at your own volume through the headphones while the others can hear directly through the sound bar & speaker system.
  • [Max Comfort & Convenient Charging] Over-Ear TV headphones with protein earmuffs and retractable soft-padded headband providing lasting comfort. Full-sealed noise isolating ear pads effectively reduce the outside noise.Wireless headphones for TV watching with transmitter/charging stand 2-in-1. The built-in rechargeable& replaceable battery provides up to 12 hours of work. Besides, a spare battery is always charged in the base and ready for uninterrupted TV enjoyment.
  • [Customize TV Sound According to Individual Needs] Tone adjustment provides three hearing profile options. Mono/stereo settings are perfectly matched to the different audio genres. Balance control is extremely helpful for people with different hearing levels in the left and right ears. Another plus is the MIC button, which is designed to pick up and amplify your ambient sound so you can hear your surroundings without taking off your wireless TV headsets.

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Posted on 22 April 2024, 05:08 PM