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Automan 50-Foot Recoil Garden Water Hose +FS

Amazon offers Automan 50-Foot Recoil Garden Water Hose for with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • 【EVA Lightweight & Easy to Store】: The coil garden hose features a smooth and beautifully colored surface, with a uniform wall thickness. Its 50ft length (the length mentioned is you fully stretched to 50ft length) provides excellent flexibility and resistance to buckling. Made with premium-quality EVA material, this hose is lightweight, weighing less than 50% of traditional hoses, making it effortless to store and handle.
  • 【Expandable Hose Coil with High Elasticity】: AUTOMAN coiled hoses possess a remarkable elasticity recovery memory effect. Made from high-quality materials, they are highly resistant to stretching, breakage, and damage. With a unique coil design, these hoses effortlessly expand into a full-size garden hose when in use and conveniently retract back into a space-saving small coil when not in use.
  • 【3/4" Brass Rust-proof Fittings】: The hose is equipped with durable 3/4" Brass Connectors that can easily attach to any U.S. standard hose faucet and hose accessories. These high-quality fittings are built to withstand corrosion from water, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to cheaper materials. Say goodbye to rust and enjoy the reliable performance of our brass fittings.
  • 【Recoil Garden Hose with 7-Pattern Nozzle】: Our hose sprayer features a lockable trigger clip that ensures effortless watering for extended periods. With an ergonomic non-slip handle, it offers easy operation & a comfortable grip. The coil hose is specifically designed to meet the demands of various professional outdoor lawn and garden watering & cleaning tasks. Whether you're watering plants or performing routine maintenance,this hose is a reliable choice for all your needs
  • 【Experience Effortless Watering】: The EVA garden hose is your reliable gardening companion. It simplifies every outdoor chore, making watering and cleaning a breeze. Invest in quality and efficiency for your gardening needs.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 24 April 2024, 05:44 AM