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le-idea Brushless Motor Drone AC +FS

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Product Description:
  • [Transmitter Electric Remote Control 5G WiFi UHD 4K Camera] The IDEA16drone with camera for adults is equipped with a camera 4K ultra-HDcamera, which can shoot high-definition images and recordhigh-definition videos for you. You can adjust the camera angle of thisdrone through the transmitter, and watch the scenery from differentangles at any time to get an immersive visual experience. 5g wifi allowsmobile phones to obtain more data to ensure pictures and videos, andthe images are more realistic.
  • [5G WiFi FPV 4K Camera and Transmitter + PA] Our IDEA16 drone withcamera is equipped with a 5g wifi FPV 4K high-definition camera. Theimage transmission distance is more than 300 meters, and the transmitter+PA (signal amplifier) has a remote control distance of more than 300meters, ensuring that every flight of the drone in your sight can be inyour hands, and there is no out-of-control situation, making the flightsafer.
  • [Brushless Motors + 4 Levels Wind Resistance] Brushless motors providestrong power for the adult drone to achieve high speed and stableflight, and the 4-level wind resistance level allows you to easilynavigate on the beach or in windy areas. Brushless motors not only havestrong wind resistance, but also have less noise, lower failure rate andlonger life than brushed motors. Don't worry about a motor not turningany more.
  • [More Cameras+Optical Flow Positioning Sensor] Compared with otherdrones, IDEA16 4K drone has more cameras, and the camera at the bottomalso allows you to take photos and record videos. When flying in goodindoor light (outdoor height is 1 meter to 8 meters), it is moreimportant to support the drone to hover accurately in the air like gpsdrone, and its excellent stability also provides enough protection forbeginners' flight. The feeling of letting go of your hands is reallygreat.
  • [Maximum 40km/h Flying Speed & 2.4G Remote Control RF Technology]Don't worry about the real wind blowing away the drone. So you can takeyour 4k camera drone anywhere to explore the world. The powerful 2.4Gremote control radio frequency technology enables the drone to support50 people to operate the drone independently at the same time when it isfirst turned on and successfully paired with the first transmitter.Make an appointment with your family and friends to have a race of speedand passion. We are sure you can spend a happy day.
  • [29-31 Minutes Flight Time and More Functions] Drones with camera foradults 4k equipped with 2 batteries of 3.7V 1200mAh drone for long-termair flight. Stable Hover & User Friendly, 3D flip, headless mode,trajectory flight, gravity control function, 3 speeds mode, one keytake-off/landing, gesture photo, and even VR! With all this, because weare more professional, we will only do better.
  • [More users] IDEA16 drones for kids uses APS+PA66 material, which isnot easily damaged by impact. In Speed Mode 1, the drone is suitable forbeginners and children. In good lighting conditions, the drone operatesat a height of 1-10 meters in good lighting conditions, similar to aGPS drone. In speed mode 2 3, the drone is suitable for adults andprofessionals, with longer remote control and WiFi video distances,faster speed, and the ability to manually turn off the optical flowsystem for a more professional and faster flight experience.
  • [After-sales Service] le-idea was established in 2006, with the goal ofpaying attention to serving consumers. If there are any problems withthe drone/remote control /APP during the flight, please contact theseller immediately. For product problems, we will provide 24-hourtechnical support, quality assurance and refund service.

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Posted on 24 April 2024, 12:18 PM