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Hcalory 21L Mini Electric Car Refrigerator AC +FS

Amazon offers Hcalory 21L Mini Electric Car Refrigerator for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: HA9UYPUB

Product Features:
  • 【Rapid Refrigeration】22QT (21 Liter) car fridge has a rapid cooling function and can drop to -4 Fahrenheit Celsius within 4 hours. After adding 3 liters of water, the mini fridge freezes in 3 hours and completely freezes in 5 hours. Even if the power is off, keep it at -4 Fahrenheit Celsius until just before thawing. Suitable for quick refrigeration needs for camping or long-distance travel, portable car fridge provides convenience and flexibility to help you plan your trip freely. Considering this feature can help inform your purchasing decision.
  • 【Energy Saving】The car mini Fridge has an ECO mode, which can effectively save power consumption. The daily electricity consumption is less than 0.36 degrees, maintaining efficient cooling effect. In addition, the car fridge will automatically start and stop after reaching the set temperature, and the power consumption per hour will be less than 45W to achieve better energy saving effects. This design is not only safe and reliable, but also avoids frequent thawing of items. Whether used outdoors or in the car, compressor fridge can effectively reduce the battery's power consumption rate, so you don't have to worry about the battery running out too quickly.
  • 【Strong and Sturdy】The 12V car fridge is anti-shake, anti-shock and anti-fall. Even if the vehicle shakes while driving, it will not affect the normal operation of the equipment. Mini fridge are carefully designed to ensure their durability and practicality. Electric cool box use high-quality materials and construction to withstand a variety of environments, including bumpy roads and harsh weather conditions. Whether on rugged mountain roads or bumpy backcountry roads, this camping fridge works reliably and maintains its performance and functionality. Therefore, you can safely rely on it without worrying about damage or the need for frequent repairs.
  • 【Easy To Operate】This car refrigerator is equipped with a large digital screen that can clearly display the status of the refrigerator, allowing users to monitor information such as temperature and mode in real time. The ergonomic recessed handle design makes carrying more comfortable, while the built-in LED light provides bright illumination, making compressor fridge easy to use in dim environments. 12/24V Portable car fridge freezer is easy to operate, allowing you to enjoy convenient refrigeration on the go and a relaxed and comfortable experience.
  • 【Wide Range of Use】Car fridge supports 12V and 24V universal power supplies, which is suitable for car charging or energy storage power supply.The portable car fridge for driving, camping, RV, road trips, picnics & travel, which can provide you with the convenience of keeping food and drinks cold, making your journey more enjoyable.

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Posted on 26 April 2024, 11:23 AM