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$129.99 Cuisinart - Vertical 18" Charcoal Smoker - Black +FS

Bestbuy offers Cuisinart - Vertical 18" Charcoal Smoker - Black for $129.99 (orig. $149.99) with free shipping.

Product Description:
The Cuisinart Vertical 18” Charcoal Smoker was built to last. The three-year warranty adds confidence to the durable framework and porcelain enamel water bowl. With two 18” solid steel cooking grates, this smoker can accommodate just about any food you’re looking to smoke at the house. Working a charcoal smoker is as simple as lighting the charcoal, filling up the water bowl, and then casually adjusting the air vents to control the temperature. This vertical barrel design makes it easy to keep a consistent temperature with minimal adjustments and accessing the water bowl and charcoal grate doesn’t get much easier with this vertically hinged door. When all you need to set up the Cuisinart Vertical 18” Charcoal smoker is 15 minutes and a screwdriver, you’ll be smoking your favorite foods in no time! 
  • Vertical barrel design
    Distributes heat evenly throughout the cooking chamber.
  • 510 square inches of cooking surface
    Provide plenty of space for cooking.
  • Vents located in the lid and base
    For optimal temperature control.
  • Deep ash catcher and charcoal bowl
    For lengthy smoking sessions.
  • Large porcelain-enameled water bowl
    To hold water.
  • Latching base with a convenient lid and side handles
    For easy transportation.
  • Vertically hinged steel door
    For easy access to water and fuel.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 20 May 2024, 09:34 AM