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Ice Bath Tub - Inflatable Bathtub AC +FS

Amazon offers Ice Bath Tub - Inflatable Bathtub for after code free shipping.

Apply Code: 2MBCJRG9

Product Description:
  • Quick recovery and relaxation: To experience ice bath recovery for athletes, use the foresh ice bath tub. Its excellent ability to relieve muscle soreness and temperature control has become the first choice for athletes and ice bath enthusiasts. People like the portable ice bath tub and can use it for cold soak recovery at any time.
  • Larger capacity and better quality: The large capacity ice bath tub can hold 105 gallons, providing a spacious relax space. The 6-layer thickened material can better control the temperature and provide a comfortable ice bath experience.
  • Used widely:The portable ice bathtub is designed to be easily portable and does not encroach on space when in use, it is frequently found in cold therapy centers, balconies, gardens, gyms, and even campgrounds, with multi-functional uses that can be used for relaxing after an athlete's workout or bathing after a camping trip, foresh creates unlimited possibilities for those who want to experience an ice bath at any time!
  • Safety and security: Foresh cold plunge tub uses six layers of solid materials, including waterproof coating, wear-resistant nylon, high-density polyester, insulated pearl cotton and two layers of thickened pvc. The thickened design ensures product experience and greatly reduces water leakage. The ergonomic shape and 6 reinforced support rods enhance the safe and comfortable ice bath experience and can be used with confidence.
  • Super easy to use: It only takes 3 minutes to easy experience the foresh ice bath. Quickly unfold the portable inflatable ice bath, inflate it, pour in ice water and ice cubes and experience it immediately. You can use the elastic cloth cover to protect it when you leave, and use the drain pipe to easily change the water.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 21 May 2024, 01:47 PM