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$443.32 6-Person Jetted Inflatable Hot Tub AC +FS

Ebay offers 6-Person Jetted Inflatable Hot Tub for $443.32 (reg $549) after code with free shipping.


Product Features:
  • Quick Inflation: The TEKAPO spa, part of the COMFORT collection, offers easy setup with a simple inflatable hose for spa inflation. Say goodbye to fumbling with complicated connectors. Thanks to the built-in control box, all you need to do is connect your hose and press the bubble button to watch your spa effortlessly rise.
  • Powerful Bubbling: Experience true immersion with the Air Jets Massage System, which generates thousands of bubbles from the bottom of the spa, enveloping you from all angles. Unlike traditional hydromassage jets that are limited to 3-4 people, our Air Jets Massage System can be enjoyed by everyone in the tub simultaneously, making it perfect for social relaxation.
  • MDC™ System: The MSpa Direct Current (MDC™) System comprises a newly designed DC pump, specialized impeller, and water flow piping, offering several benefits:
  • Stronger Water Flow: The water circulation speed is increased to 1800 Liters per hour, a 36% improvement over previous systems. Furthermore, it consumes 30% less energy compared to the previous generation pump.
  • Enhanced Safety: The new TURBOFAN construction ensures that foreign objects are quickly expelled from the impeller, ensuring safe and trouble-free operation.
  • Extended Service Life: The super tough X-Ring guarantees an impressive 10,000 hours of continuous operation, ensuring the longevity of your spa.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 29 May 2024, 07:28 AM