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Portable Mini Hair Straightener AC +FSSS

Amazon offers Portable Mini Hair Straightener for after code. Eligible for free super saver shipping.

Apply Code: 508GC2J7

Product Features:
  • Portable mini straight hair comb with cordless design, easy to carry. The net weight of the whole body is 214 grams, with a compact shape, fashionable design, and lightweight design, making it easy to carry with you no matter where you are. Just comb your hair to unlock various hairstyles and meet the needs of different hair types.
  • Durable battery life: 3 hours fully charged, wireless use, Type-C charging interface, can be used for about 40 minutes when fully charged, equipped with an automatic shutdown function after 15 minutes, can be used continuously for about 30 minutes under the highest temperature setting, and can be used at a safe voltage as you please. The body uses dual MCH ceramic heating technology, allowing the hair comb to heat up quickly and safely in 20 seconds, ensuring your hair quality is safe and worry free, allowing you to comb out the shape you want faster and maintain the best condition.
  • The straight hair comb contains 50 million negative ions, and the body's comb teeth are designed to be round. It adopts a ceramic enamel protein keratin coating design (keratin can attach damaged hair to smooth and strong hair), and an outer ring comb tooth is added to ensure safe thermal insulation and anti scalding while evenly and stably heating the hair comb. It protects the scalp, does not pull hair, does not curl hair, does not harm hair, smooths hair, suppresses static electricity, deeply smooths damaged hair, strengthens hair quality, and restores luster.
  • The straight hair comb adopts visual temperature adjustment and LED display screen, with a total of 4 temperature controls (140 °, 160 °, 180 °, 220 °) suitable for fine and soft hair, curled and permed hair, coarse and hard hair, etc. Different temperature controls meet different hair types. After preheating, it can be used. Allowing you to decorate your hair, create professional looks, and be the best version of yourself at home, on the go, in the office, and anywhere in your life
  • Cordless straight hair comb, certified by a professional organization, authentic and reliable, using ceramic heating technology, suitable for women of all ages. One item for multiple uses, unlocking your versatile designs. This wireless straight hair comb with constant temperature hair care features a thoughtful design and a compact body, making it the best choice for personal use or as a gift for loved ones, family, and female friends.

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 11 June 2024, 06:10 AM