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$27.95 50-Gallon Rain Barrel +FS

Ebay offers 50-Gallon Rain Barrel for $27.95 with free shipping.

Product Description:
Rain water is ideal for a multitude of applications including biodynamic and organic vegetable gardens, planter beds for botanicals, indoor tropical plants like ferns and orchids, and for cleaning household windows. Our 50gal PVC With Scale Rain Bucket will be an indispensable tool for you to collect rain water. Simply place the rain barrel beneath a down spout to capture natural rain water. Besides, its green surface naturally fits in with your backyard sight. Zippered mesh cover allows water to collect while blocking leaves and debris, it is also easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance. Connect a hose to the tap on the bottom or scoop from the top with a watering can. Don't hesitate, come and buy one!
  •  500D PVC mesh cloth & PVC support rod make the rain barrel tough
  •  50 gallon capacity
  •  Highly resistant to mold, mildew, and rotting
  •  High quality spigot for hose hook-up
  •  Screen on top to keep out debris, insects, animals, and children

  •  Material: 500D PVC Mesh Cloth   PVC Support Rod
  •  Color: Green
  •  Volume: 200 Liters
  •  Dimensions: (23.62 x 23.62 x 27.56)" / (60 x 60 x 70)cm(L x W x H)
  •  Weight: 4.41lbs / 2kg

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 14 June 2024, 11:44 AM