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$27.71 Philips Light Therapy Wake-up Light with Radio, HF3506/66 Black, AC

Walgreens offers Philips Light Therapy Wake-up Light with Radio, HF3506/66 Black for $27.71 (reg. $89.99) after coupon + free store pickup.

Apply Code:  EXTRA18

Product Description:

  • Sunrise Simulation Wakes You Gradually
  • Bedside Light with 10 Light Settings
  • Color Flow of Sunrise - Bright Yellow

Inspired by nature’s sunrise the Philips Wake-up Light uses a unique combination of light
and sound wakes you in a more natural way and feeling more refreshed. Making it easier
to get out of bed.
Natural sounds wake you gently.  Choice of 2 different natural wake up sounds.  Naturally designed around you.  4 display brightness levels - adjust to your preference.  Snooze function.  Naturally proven to work.  Developed by Philips, experts in light for over 100 years.  
Developed by Philips:  Philips was founded over a 100 years ago as a company that produced and sold lightbulbs. Over 100 years Philips grew into a global company that brings innovation in lots of different areas. To this day lighting still is the soul of Philips. The Wake-up Light is proud to continue its heritage by building on years of knowlegde and expertise of the world's most well know lighting expert.
Proven by Scientists:  At this moment in time the Philips wake-up light is the only one scientifically proven to work. In order to make the Wake-up Light the best possible product it can be in genuinely waking you up naturally and energized we have done a lot of clinical research. This reseach was conducted by independent science facilities to study and prove the effects of the wake-up light on the overall wake up experience. This way we have proven, among other things, that the Philips Wake-up Light not only wakes you more naturally, but also more energized and that it improves your mood in the morning.
Sunrise Simulation:  Inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of changing an increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.
2 Natural Sounds:  At your set wake up time a natural sound will play to complete the wake up experience and ensure you are awake. The selected sound gradually increases in volume to your selected level within one and a half minute. There are two natural bird sounds you can choose from.
Bedside Light:  The sensitivity to light differs per person. In general, when using a higher light intensity a person needs less time to become fully awake. The 10 light intensities of the Wake-up light can be personalized and even be set up to 200 lux.
Light; Yellow (1):  The light of the sunrise simualtion moves from Yellow to bright Yellow.
Snooze Function:  The sound stops when you tap the top of the product. After 9 minutes the sound will gently start playing again.

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Posted on 01 January 2018, 02:26 PM
Steven 1 Jan 2018, 6:33 PM
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