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$299.99 SWAGCYCLE Envy E-Bike - Steel Frame Folding Electric Bicycle (Various Colors) + $15 Shipping

JCpenney offers SWAGCYCLE Envy E-Bike - Steel Frame Folding Electric Bicycle for $299.99 (re. $349.99) + $15 shipping.

Product Description:
  • Boldly tame and conquer every boulevard and avenue with SWAGTRON's SwagCycle Envy Foldable Bike. As the sleek and sexy solution to the last mile problem, the Envy electric bicycle boasts a 200W motor that gives you the power to enjoy fast-paced speeds of up to 10 mph and overcome hills of up to 12 degrees.
  • Charge your electric motorbike for just 3-5 hours, plant your feet comfortably on the dual pegs, and eat up to 9 miles of street pedal-free. The Envy's handlebars feature a speed tracking display and throttle, so you can dart down the street and slow down on a whim. With the rear wheel disc brake, rule breakers and daredevils alike can push the edge of speed before stopping on a dime.
  • Whether you're coasting along the beach or racing behind alleyways, you'll enjoy smooth rides all the way. Air-filled 12'' front and 10'' rear tires can meet obstacles on the road head on, while a steel frame provides lasting durability and supports an incredible max load of 264 lbs!
  • Once you're at work or class, just fold the handles of this electric motorcycle and stow beneath your desk for easy storage. The Envy even has a built-in compartment for your charging cable, so you can always charge on the go!
  • With this motorized bicycle, you can witness bright cityscapes and live like a true urbanite. The low light headlight automatically activates at nightfall to keep you safe and visible. As an added safety feature, the Envy eCycle also comes with a bell to audibly signal to both pedestrians and cars.
  • The SwagCycle Envy motor bicycle has a 1-year warranty, so you can have fun your way and be completely protected against manufacturer defects.
  • Let your inner rule breaker reign free - even for just one night, or two. Get out there and discover the city with SwagCycle Envy, the best electric bike!
  • Break boundaries and zip up to 10 mph & travel up 12 degree inclines using the folding bike's powerful 200W motor
  • With 2 foot pegs and a handle display, you can check on the status of your Envy and still ride comfortably!
  • Bring your Envy to life with a 3 and a half hour charge and experience true adventures for up to 9 miles per charge
  • You can rely on the rear wheel disc brake to bring your electric scooter to a complete stop in seconds!
  • The Envy features an automatic headlight and a bell, so you'll be seen & heard by both cars and pedestrians

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 13 May 2018, 06:26 AM
posted by Maggie
13 May 2018, 06:26 AM


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