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$44.99 Roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier - Black +FS

Walmart offers Roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier - Black for $44.99 (reg $129.99) with free shipping.

Product Description:

Breath is equipped with a detector that automatically adjusts the device to a humidity level best fit your surroundings. Breath keeps you trouble-free by balancing your needs which will save your time and energy, making every drop worthy.In pursuance of meeting your needs and expectations, Breath provides 3 different mist output settings. The high mode to humidify an exceedingly dry environment, the low mode allows up to 24 hours of continuous moistening, and the auto mode lets Breath decide the best humidity level for you.For effectively prolonging the time of humidification, roolen’s engineering team precisely designed the interior of breath, maximizing the water tank capacity to 3.15L. It needs just one touch and one filling of the tank for a longer and more comfortable living environment.On auto-mode, not just every drop of water is effectively used, it is also environmentally friendly. Once humidity level is at its peak, Breath adjusts itself to sleep mode, saving unnecessary energy usage, and also saving your time to refill the tank.Breath is designed for intuitive operation, eliminating all unnecessary switches and interfaces with traditional humidifiers. You also don’t need to keep watch on the current humidity level. Simply, just one touch, combined with 3 different mist output to a cozy environment.
  • Its unique performance allow you to fill it once every 24 hours, using the low mode setting.
  • Breath’s auto mode will detect the humidity level and adjust itself to give you the perfect humidity balance in the room.
  • Forget about complicated control panels, just touch your Breath to select the Mode you desire to experience the perfect balance in your home.
  • Humidifying Capacity: 400sq.ft / 28m2
  • Noise: < 25db
  • Power: 20W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 3.15 L
  • Low/High/Auto Mode Run Time in Hours: 24/12/24+

Thanks Rich123

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 14 February 2019, 09:36 PM
posted by Rich123
14 February 2019, 09:36 PM