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$4.99+ Self Defense Must-Haves - Aluminum Rechargeable LED Flashlight With Built-In Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Ladies 3 Million Volt Stun Gun With Nylon Pouch w/Belt Loop, and Retractable Metal Baton + $1.99 Shipping

That Daily Deal offers Self Defense Must-Haves - Aluminum Rechargeable LED Flashlight With Built-In Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Ladies 3 Million Volt Stun Gun With Nylon Pouch w/Belt Loop, and Retractable Metal Baton - Simple, discrete, and effective self defense tools for you and your loved ones! Grab one of each for yourself & anyone you think may need protection! - Starting at  $4.99 (orig. $29.99) + $1.99 Shipping

Product Description
When it comes to defending yourself from an attacker, you can't afford not to stay prepared with these self defense tools. Equip yourself with these portable and discreet tools that can help you defend yourself should you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Aluminum Stun Gun Flashlight Product Features
  • 4.5 Million volt Stun Gun and 160 Lumen Flashlight
  • Constructed from aircraft aluminum
  • Super bright LED flashlight
  • NOT A TOY- This powerful stun gun for self protection and peace-of-mind
  • Built in rechargeable battery recharges with the included charger (plugs directly in to rear of flashlight)

    Pepper Spray Product Features
  • Includes leather holster & a key ring
  • 1/2oz Pepper Defender
  • Shoots up to 10 feet
  • Made in the USA

    Retractable Baton Product Features
  • Used by the biggest police forces from around the globe
  • Measures 16" when fully extended and 5 3/8" when retracted
  • Comes with a Nylon Case that can be attached to a belt or fit easily in a purse.

    Ladies 3 Million Volt Stun Gun With Nylon Pouch w/Belt Loop Product Features:
  • One of the Most Powerful Stun Guns
  • Compact Size (2" x 7/8" x 4")
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • Built in plug in
  • LED light
  • Pink color
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    Posted on 19 May 2019, 10:08 PM
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    19 May 2019, 10:08 PM