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Sell $30+, Get a $10 Coupon

Ebay offers $10 coupon when you sell $30 or more!

Note:  List by 10/13, sell by 10/31. Sales must total $30 or more. Limit 1 coupon per seller.

Offer Description:

Please note: Invited sellers must activate the Promotion by selecting “Activate Offer” in the invitation email or on the Promotion landing page.What is the Promotion?
Invited sellers (“Sellers”) who first activate the offer, list pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein, and then sell one (1) or more items on www.ebay.com for a cumulative total of $30 or more, are eligible to earn a single eBay Coupon (“Coupon”) worth $10.Who’s eligible?
This Promotion is available to Sellers who: (i) received an email and/or message in My eBay; (ii) activated the promotion from the invitation email or on the Promotion landing page; and (iii) meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards. Please sign in to My eBay and view your Seller Dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards.When is it?
The Promotion will begin on Friday, October 04, 2019, at 00:00:01 PT (12:00AM plus one second), and will end on Sunday, October 13, 2019, at 23:59:59 PT (11:59PM plus 59 seconds), for listings on www.ebay.com (“Promotion Listing Period”). Sellers who create listings during the Promotion Listing Period, complete cumulative sales of $30 or more (excluding taxes and shipping), and receive payment in full for the item(s) from the buyer by 23:59:59 PT on Thursday, October 31, 2019, will be eligible to earn a Coupon.How do I receive the eBay Coupon?
The Coupon will be awarded within two weeks of Thursday, October 31, 2019. Once awarded, the Seller will be able to access the coupon via email or in the “Messages” tab within “My eBay”. The value of the Coupon will be worth $10. The Coupon is not transferable. The Coupon is subject to other terms and conditions. Limit of one (1) Coupon per eligible, participating seller. Users will have until the date listed on the Coupon to redeem on www.ebay.com.

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Posted on 05 October 2019, 05:54 AM
posted by Maggie
05 October 2019, 05:54 AM


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