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$24.48 Multi-Functional Timed Irrigation Equipment +FS

1Sale offers Multi-Functional Timed Irrigation Equipment for $24.48 (orig. $48.97) +Free Shipping

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Are you still worried about not being able to water the plants and flowers when you go out, then come and try this intelligent timing watering device, which will save your time and effort.

The specific watering time can be set and the current specific time can be set.
Watering time: the shortest single watering time can be set to 1 second, and the longest single watering time is 300 minutes.
Watering cycle: the cycle time is from 1 hour to 23 hours, 1 day, 2 days.....The longest cycle is 15 days.
With full waterproof function, can be used outdoors.
With the temporary watering function, which does not affect the set program.
There is a manual switch button, the device can be installed vertically outdoors and protected from rain, it can also be opened without pressure.
Widely used in home gardening, small lawns, flower beds, vertical greening irrigation.

Main color: black
Battery: 2 * AA battery (not included)
Water inlet: 3/4" internal thread
Water exit: 3/4" external thread
Watering time: 1sec-300min
Watering cycle: 1-24hours, 1-15days
Liquid medium: clean water (tap water)
Suitable water temperature: 0-40℃
Item size: 165 * 85 * 55mm / 6.5 * 3.3 * 2.2in
Package size: 210 * 125 * 65mm / 8.3 * 4.9 * 2.6in 
Package weight: 530g / 1.2lb

Package list:
1 * Intelligent Timing Watering Device

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Posted on 09 October 2019, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
09 October 2019, 10:08 PM