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$179.99 Segway Ninebot Drift W1 Smart Self-Balancing Hover Skates AC +FS

Segway offers Segway Ninebot Drift W1 Smart Self-Balancing Hover Skates for $179.99 (reg $499.99) after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: WELCOME20

Product Features:

  • Easy to Learn
  • The Segway Drift W1 e-skates are very easy to pick up and learn. Utilizing Segway’s next generation self-balancing technology, just step on and get going effortlessly in minutes.
  • High-Power Hub Motor, Unique Tread Design
  • The high-power hub motor and spindle-shaped tread design help achieve more flexible steering.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Elastic bands at the bottom allow you to easily carry your e-skates in one hand.
  • Stylish RGB Lighting
  • Customizable LED lighting! The standard display is blue, but can be changed to one of three separate modes.
  • Lithium Battery Design with Advanced Safety Features
  • Tested to UL 2272 standards, the Drift W1's battery contains dual protection and an intelligent battery protection system, allowing it to monitor battery health in real time.
  • Sturdy, Lightweight Frame Design
  • The one piece magnesium alloy body keeps each Segway Drift W1 under 9lbs, making them easy to carry and transport, wherever you may go.
  • Compact Yet Sophisticated
  • Our research and development team designed the Segway Drift W1 to be one of the lightest and most portable products on the market.
  • 10mm Silicone Bumpers
  • The silicone bumpers at each end are designed to protect your product from bumps and scratches.

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Posted on 09 August 2020, 08:39 AM
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