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$9.99 CLOSEOUT: Diversion Can Safe

1Sale offers CLOSEOUT: Diversion Can Safe for $9.99 (orig. $24.99)

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The Secret Safe offers the best solution for storing and protecting valuables - hiding them in plain sight!

Each Secret Safe is indistinguishable from a genuine can of general purpose lubricant and is weighted to feel full. No one will ever suspect that it's really a safe in disguise.

By simply twisting open the top of the can you reveal a secret storage compartment. Store money, jewelry, documents, and more. Once you have enclosed your valuables replace the can's lid, and place it with other similar items in your home, garage, or car.

The Secret Safe is an inexpensive and efficient way to prevent theft.

Each lubricant can measures 7/18" x 2 9/16" and has a 2" x 3 1/2" hidden storage compartment.

NOTE: This is not a working can of lubricant.


  • - Authentic looking can of general purpose lubricant
  • - Hide valuables in plain sight
  • - Weighted to feel full
  • - No accidental access, Top must be unscrewed to open
  • - Intended to fool the most determined thief
  • - Dimensions: Approx. 7 1/8" x 2 9/16"
  • - Hidden Storage Compartment Approx. Measurements: 2" x 3 1/2"
  • - Made for protection and storage
  • - Great for jewelry, money, and more
  • - Keep in your home, garage, car, and more

Category: Jewelry & Watches

Posted on 15 March 2021, 09:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
15 March 2021, 09:08 PM