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$168.99 Tierra Firme Sienna Brick Textured Pizza Oven +FS

Wayfair offers Tierra Firme Sienna Brick Textured Pizza Oven for $168.99 (reg $199.99) with free shipping.

Product Description:
Upgrade your outdoor décor and outdoor cooking options with this authentic Sienna Brick Textured Pizza Oven. Handmade in Mexico, this unique product is as beautiful as it is functional. Makes a great addition to your patio, deck, yard, and garden. This oven is intended for outdoor use, as you will need to build a fire for the cooking process. This fireplace oven cooks delicious wood fired pizzas, adding wonderful flavors that can only be enjoyed when food is prepared from a real clay oven. This pizza oven is great for entertaining, as you can create unique handmade personal pizzas for your guests, and have a blast while preparing the food! This beautiful pizza oven is a natural light brown color with a darker finish around the mouth and a texturized brick design. The Sienna Brick Pizza Oven comes with a short pizza oven stand, 4 clay pizza stones, metal ember rake and a complete users manual outlining all the proper use and care guidelines. Pizza peel, bag of sand, matches/lighter, kindling and wood for the fire (seasoned hardwoods) will need to be purchased separately. Everything else needed for cooking is included with the purchase of your oven!
  • Chimney hole located at the front of oven for smoke release. Fire is build inside pizza oven
  • Comes with a short stand measuring 21" diameter and is 4" tall
Product Details
  • Product Type: Freestanding
  • External Material: Clay
  • Maximum Temperature: 600°F
  • Adult Assembly Required: No

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 07 April 2021, 07:15 AM