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$12.91 Best Way To Stop Distracted Driving

1Sale offers Best Way To Stop Distracted Driving for $12.91 (orig. $29.99)

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Charge your smartphone YOUR way with this universal charging bundle for the car. Several attachments let you securely mount your phone in nearly every possible configuration while utilizing wireless charging for Qi-compatible phones (most modern devices).

The Best Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger

Simply place your mount in the desired location, and hold your phone over the mount. An infrared sensor reacts when your hand comes near the device, opening and closing the clamp around your phone automatically. The secure grip stays put until you press one of the side buttons so you can place and remove your smartphone with one hand!

This is a safer alternative to arm clamps that require both hands and a lot more attention. And since it charges wirelessly, that also means there are no cords to plug in!

Each mount configuration ends in a ball and socket joint meant to tilt and rotate your phone in any direction. This kit comes with 3 peripherals to mount the charger:

1) Air Vent Mount - keeps the phone within easy reach

2) CD Slot Holder - great for a seldom-used CD player for a centralized location in your car

3) Dashboard/Windshield Mount - a strong, fully adjustable arm on a super sticky suction cup lets you use this on any flat surface. You can even use it outside of the car on a desk or table

Use your smartphone's GPS maps easily, control your music playback, and talk freely with minimal distractions on the road! It's also great to keep on your desk at work for a handy place to display and keep your phone charged all day long.

Additional accessories include CD Mount stabilizers for a tighter fit, extra-long 3.5ft USB-C charging cord for plugging in the charger, and a 2.4A DC car adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Note: This clamp fits most phones, but larger Otterbox-style cases may be too large for the clamp. Wireless charging also works best on cases no more than 2mm thick.


  • - Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone
  • - Automatic Opening/Closing Clamp for Secure Fit
  • - Use Only One Hand to Insert/Remove Phone
  • - Hands-Free Talking for Phone Calls
  • - Easily Pivot/Rotate Phone 360 Degrees
  • - 3 Ways To Mount: Air Vent, CD Slot, Dash/Windshield
  • - Safe, Distraction-Free Way to View Phone's GPS and Music
  • - Includes Charger and 3.5ft USB-C Cord
  • - Works with iPhones 8 and Up, Most Android Phones
  • - Fits Phones 3.75in Wide, No More than .6in Thick

Category: Automotive

Posted on 26 June 2021, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
26 June 2021, 10:08 PM