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Dowilldo True HEPA Air Purifier AC +FS

Amazon offers Dowilldo True HEPA Air Purifier for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 40TEKXUB

Product Features:

  • *Quiet & Ranges: Larger sizes provide more efficient purifying effects, home air purifier will be about 20% more efficient than its equivalent size. Its air purification efficiency reaches the California standard of 200 CARD .Also covering the area of large room up to 250~400 Sq.ft. 6 air clean per hour in 250 Sq.ft ,3 air clean per hour in 400 Sq.ft
  • *Triple Filtration & Efficient Deodorization: 3-in-1 composite filter screen effectively filter air impurities up to 99.98%. Negative ion generator, negative ions in the air smell and particles will have a strong adsorption capacity, is the most effective assistant to protect the air
  • *Real-time Monitoring: Built-in air detection device for real-time monitoring of the environment around you. Any smells or deterioration in air quality will be detected within 3~5 seconds. It can be placed in a kitchen accessory to detect burning smells or gas leaks, preventing all kinds of accidents. Green means normal, blue means light pollution, and red means heavy pollution.
  • *Quiet Enough & Energy Save:The sleeping mode with the minimum volume of 25dB is as quiet as when you are in the library. Meanwhile, the power consumption of the sleeping mode will be 60% of that of normal use, which greatly saves you electricity consumption during sleep and also eliminates your worry about electricity accidents during sleep.
  • *Buyer's Guarantee : High quality filter to ensure that you do not need to replace in the longest half a year (if the odor is too large to reduce the life of the filter, but can still use for more than 3 months), seller quality guarantee any non-human damage as long as contact us and provide relevant pictures, we will be in 10 months for you to replace the new product free of charge.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 22 July 2021, 08:13 AM