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$239.99 Famistar 10FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net +FS

Walmart offers Famistar 10FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net for $239.99 (reg $499.99) with free shipping.

Product Description:
Whether you are looking for your next adventure, or seek to form a connection with your child, rebounding on trampoline is a great choice that can be both relaxing and interactive. Famistar 10ft trampoline is a perfect blend of stability, comfort and performance, accessible to both beginners and intermediate jumpers. Constructed of PE material netting, EPE foam tube, metal ladder and strong U-shaped legs, Famistar trampoline is durable, roomy, UV-protected, and water-resistant. It also comes equipped with an enclosure safety net. Buy one and have a safest and funniest bouncing experience!

  • Strong Frame Structure
    Comprised of galvanized steel frame, our trampoline is highly durable and rust resistant, which ensures its exceptionally long lifespan. The steel tube is thick and firm, laying an extremely solid foundation for your fun and joy.
  • 80 Galvanized Springs
    Famistar trampoline comes with as many as 80 heavy-duty galvanized springs. Best quality springs ensure consistency and optimal performance, providing you an enjoyable and long-lasting bouncing experience.
  • PE Safety Net with Double-sided Zipper
    Manufactured from high quality polyethylene, the net is highly durable, UV resistant, tear proof and water resistant. The enclosure net with double-sided zipper is designed to stop you from bouncing off the trampoline. Most importantly, the net is installed outside the frame poles so our trampoline is much roomier and more spacious!
  • PP Jumping Mat
    Polypropylene jumping mat creates a sturdy and strong enough landing area. Tied to the frame, this strong mat can allow the user to bounce up and down without the risk of falling down and sustaining injuries. It is soft and flexible enough to allow for regular, low or high-intensity jumps.
  • EPE Foam Spring Cover Pad
    12mm Top PVC, UV resistant and EPE foam spring cover pad is dimensional stable and will protect you from potential harm by the springs. The pad acts as a buffer around the trampoline edges, protecting you from falling in the gaps between the springs.
  • 4 U-shaped Legs Base
    Reinforced 4 pieces U-shaped leg increase the stability and prevent structural twisting, providing sufficient stability and support.
  • 8 Enclosure Poles
    The 8 galvanized and sturdy enclosure poles come with resilient EPE foam sleeves, which are designed to cushion the impact whenever users, especially the kids happen to bump on the trampoline steel poles, ensuring their safety.
  • 330LBS Large Capacity
    The maximum recommended weight for trampoline is 330LBS, which can accommodate 4-5 children at the same time. Your child can spend great time with his friends on this amazing recreational tool.
  • Metal Ladder
    A matching ladder helps you climb aboard your trampoline more easily than ever before! Made from UV Resistant, galvanized steel, this ladder is built to withstand years of rain and weather exposure.
  • Category: Sports & Outdoors

    Posted on 30 July 2021, 12:20 PM