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Safe Box,ADIMO Cabinet Safes with Sensitive Alarms AC +FS

Amazon offers Safe Box,ADIMO Cabinet Safes with Sensitive Alarms for after coupon with free shipping.
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Product Description:

  • 【2 Master Key+2 Emergency Key+3 Solid Live Bolts 】Unlike normal safeboxes, ADIMO safe box is equipped with 2 master keys and 2 emergencykeys. You can only open the door if you use two kinds of keys correctly,which greatly improves your security level (If you choose a key ratherthan a password to open it or if you forget the original password).Moreover, 3 solid live bolts enable our safe box to protect yourprecious reliably!
  • 【Safer with Triple Security System】You can open the safe in 3 differentways. ① Use the combination of the master key and the digital password.②IndivIdual password without the master key. ③If you forget thepassword, you can open it with the master key and emergency keysimultaneously. ADIMO has thought of the solutions to emergencies,bringing your life more convenience and security at the same time.
  • 【Sturdy & Anti-drilling】ADIMO safe box Model-45 is made of lowcarbon alloy steel, which makes it more durable and stronger than othersafe boxes. To protect your property, the ADIMO safe box is alsoequipped with three large diamond bolts and a 3.01 inch thick reinforcedalloy steel plate. No need to worry about forced unlocking ever again.
  • 【Double Warning System with Sensitive Alarms for Better Anti-theftPerformance】①Vibration alarm: Press the * to enter the alert state. Thecabinet will make a warning sound when it is strongly struck, enter thecorrect password to clear the alarm. ②Continuous wrong password alarms:Enter the wrong password multiple times, the safe will also make awarning sound till the correct password is entered.
  • 【LCD Digital Screen with Hidden Mode Option】Committed to providing abetter user experience. ADIMO safe box is equipped with an LCD digitalscreen with Calendar Function and Battery Consumption Display. Forentering passwords, the Hidden Mode is optional to ensure higher levelsafety.
  • 【Solid Steel Construction】ADIMO safe box has a steel construction withcarpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage; Safe is NOTfireproof or waterproof.
  • 【Smart Capacity】ADIMO safe box 1.37 cubic feet. Product exteriorsize-14.96*12.60*17.72(L*W*H,inches), interiorsize-14.57*9.84*16.54((L*W*H,inches). It gives you enough capacity foryour valuables.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 02 August 2021, 03:40 PM