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Kiwasa Double Wall Hooks 2-Pack +FSSS

Amazon offers Kiwasa Double Wall Hooks 2-Pack for .  Eligible for free super saver shipping.

Product Features:
  • [Double Hooks Design, Double Performance] - Each black towel hook has two hooks. It has all the functions of an ordinary hook, but compared with an ordinary single hook, it is more widely used and more effective. It can place items that can't be placed by a single hook, such as shower scraper, razor, wire plug and so on. The design of a double hook can bring you more convenience.
  • [Strong Viscosity &15-lbs Bearing Capacity] - This 3m hooks heavy duty uses oil 3 M glue with high viscous strength as adhesive back glue. It's very sticky, unlike other water adhesives, the stickiness will get worse and worse after use. Even if our hook is installed on the plaster wall, you can't easily pull it out. Strong adhesion gives the hook up to 15 pounds of carrying capacity. You can use it to place small objects in your life without worrying about falling.
  • [Durable & Long Service Life] - The hook is made of durable 304 stainless steel. The surface of the hook is made of a 100-micron anti-oxidation and rust-proof coating, which can effectively avoid the hook from rusting in a wet bathroom. It is better than an ordinary hook in waterproof and oxidation resistance. However, we suggest that you'd better use it on smooth marble, ceramic tile, metal and glass surface so that its load-bearing effect is the best.
  • [Easy to Install] - No damage to walls, no need to drill holes, no need to stick with glue. You only need to do 3 steps to install successfully. 1. Clean the walls ensure that the surface is dry; 2. Tear off the black film; 3. When pasting, first fit one end, and then gently press to the other end, to reduce the generation of bubbles. Finally, wait 24 hours to get a firm hook. When disassembling, melt the glue with a blower, and it can be easily disassembled.
  • [Clean & Avoid Forgetting] - Tidy up messy home, fixed arranged all sorts of small things in the home. Help you hang your key, wallet and tie it neatly at the door, and never forget to bring your key again. Can also tidy up the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom daily necessities, such as towels, coats, peelers, scissors and so on.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 06 August 2021, 01:04 PM