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WaterSong Touchless Kitchen Faucet +FS

Amazon offers WaterSong Touchless Kitchen Faucet for with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 4 Mode Kitchen Sprayer: The Touchless Kitchen Faucet contains 4 different sprayer mode: Stream Mode, Spray Mode, Rain Mode&Flake Mode. Each mode will satisfy with different usages and you will find this Touchless Faucet for Kitchen Sink is an ideal dishwashing helper. Besides, you might pull down the 13.5” kitchen sprayer to rinse most kitchen sink area as you wish. The Kitchen Sprayer is replaceable.
  • Smart Infrared Sensor Detection: At the beginning, you will need to turn on the Touchless kitchen faucet handle to launch the touchless feature. Then you will just need to wave your hands from a distance of around 5cm. This user-friendly design will help prevent you from touching the faucet when your hands are dirty.
  • Power-Saving Design: The WaterSong Kitchen Faucet for Sink contains an auto off 180s function. If you forget to turn off the smart faucet for kitchen sink after using it, it will automatically turn off, and so to save the water at your home. (Please note: the batteries are not included).
  • Easy Installation: With the easy understanding guide of this Touchless Kitchen Faucet, its installation only takes less than 30 mins to complete the installation. As long as the battery box is hold stably, you will not need to nail the battery box onto the wall.
  • Eco-friendly Layering-The WaterSong Kitchen Faucet for Sink is made with 3 level layering. High gloss nickel plating-Anti-Corrosion. Semi-gloss nickel plating:-Anti-Oxidization. Copper Sulphate plating-Increase surface smoothness

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 10 August 2021, 05:52 AM