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Aspara Smart Hydroponic Indoor Growing System +FS

Amazon offers Aspara Smart Hydroponic Indoor Growing System for with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • INDOOR GARDENING SYSTEM: Enjoy fresh produce, herbs, and flowers year-round with the as-para hydroponic grower. Plants grow naturally in water so there is no messy soil, all non-GMO, and free of pesticides or herbicides
  • HARVEST IN 30 DAYS: Smart hydroponic grower accelerates natural plant growth by creating and monitoring optimal growing conditions for plants. Watch as aspara grows your produce up to 5x faster than traditional methods
  • 16 PLANT CAPACITY: The aspara indoor grower’s large capacity can accommodate up to 16 plants per cycle so you can enjoy a variety of salad greens, herbs, vegetables, flowers and more any time of year
  • SIMPLE, EFFORTLESS GROWING: Insert seed capsules of your choosing and fill the removeable reservoir with water and aspara will walk you through the instructions to begin growing. As the plants grow, the aspara app and will alert you when care is needed. Harvest and enjoy your produce in as little as 30 days
  • SMART SENSORS: 10 built-in smart sensors accurately monitor growing conditions for water level, nutrient level, light intensity, humidity, air & water temperature, and more. The sensors will adjust lighting, water flow, and planting modes based on your plant’s needs
  • AUTOMATED WATERING: Fully-automated central water system takes care of your plants’ hy-dration and nutritional needs using specialized ebb-and-flow technology. Fresh oxygenated air is brought to the roots after each watering cycle to help plants grow strong and flavorful. The water reservoir is removable for easy, mess-free refilling
  • INTELLIGENT LED LIGHTS: Unique, 86-LED light design delivers the optimum blend of light spectrum and intensity for plants to flourish. 30 preset light ratios are specifically tailored for 15 different plants, or customize the lighting spectrum and intensity to fit your needs
  • APP CONTROLLED: Monitor and control your aspara grower with the intuitive app available for iOS and Android. Get notifications for refilling water or nutrients and see graphs detailing temperature, humidity and light condition. Great for checking on growth status even if you are away from home
  • INTERACTIVE TOUCH PANEL: Simple to use control panel allows you to customize growth programs or manually make changes to the settings directly on the grower
  • NOTE: Seed kits are available for purchase separately and are not included with the unit

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Posted on 01 October 2021, 06:42 AM