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$21.84 Costa Farms 12" Norfolk Island Pine 2-Pack

Walmart offers Costa Farms 12" Norfolk Island Pine 2-Pack for $21.84 (reg $29.15). Free shipping on orders over $35.

Product Description:
Let the holiday spirit grow! Norfolk Island Pines feature feathery, pine needle-like leaves that work to purify the air all year long. The Norfolk Island Pine tree (Araucaria heterophylla) is great for decorating as a Christmas tree during the holidays and for year-round greenery. Place the Norfolk Island Pine in a bright spot, but nor directly in sunlight. Water when the top inch of the soil is dry (about once a week) and be sure all excess water drains away. Norfolk Island Pine can also be used on a porch or patio during the summer months. A GREAT PLANT FOR HOMES AND OFFICES! Norfolk Island Pine is an ideal houseplant for any home, apartment, or office. It sculptural shape makes it look like a piece of living art. Norfolk Island Pine is so attractive, it makes a great gift. This is the ideal houseplant for living rooms, hallways, dens, patios, and bedrooms. HOUSE PLANTS REMOVE TOXINS FROM THE INDOOR AIR: NASAs Clean Air Study concluded that houseplants, such as Norfolk Island Pine promote better air quality in your home. The study by NASA found that houseplants actively clean the air. Here is a tip: NASA researchers recommend at least one houseplant for every 100 square feet to improve the air quality in your home. CARE FOR YOUR NORFOLK ISLAND PINE IS EASY: Light: Grow Norfolk Island Pine in bright, direct sunlight. Some plants may burn if placed in direct sunlight. Water: Norfolk Island Pine likes to be watered once a week with about 1/2 cup. The frequency of watering may change depending on your plant's pot size, how much light it gets, and the temperature of the environment. Feeding: Feed your plants a few times a year, in spring and summer, to keep them healthy. Use a general-purpose food labeled for houseplant use. Follow the directions on the packaging. Do not over feed your plant Pruning/Shaping: No pruning needed Repotting: Repot your plants when they becomes root bound. (A houseplant is root bound when roots appear in the soil or begin to escape through drain holes in the pot bottom.) Never repot houseplants using soil from your yard. Outdoor Options: In summer, plants can be grown outdoors in a high light (but not full outdoor sun) location. Bring plants inside before frost. PLANT SAFETY: Costa Farms plants is not intended for human or animal consumption. Keep this plant out of reach of children and pets.
  • This easy-to-grow house plant comes with ornaments on its feathery, needled branches and a topper to start your holiday decorating
  • Height at shipping is approximately 12-inches tall, measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. Ships in a 4-inch diameter pot cover.
  • Grow Norfolk Island Pine in bright, direct sunlight for the best growth and enjoy!
  • Water Norfolk Island Pine with approximately 1/2 cup of water about once a week. Adjust as needed for your environment.
  • This festive display is perfect for table centerpieces, windowsills, and other small spaces

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 10 November 2021, 06:10 AM