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Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set +FS

Amazon offers Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set for after coupon free shipping.
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Product Description:
  • 【Powerful Motor & Huge torque】Are youstill worrying lack of power of the ratchet wrench will affect yourwork efficiency? DINSHARE electric ratchet wrench in-home and workshopswill perfectly solve your troubles which provides a 16.8V motor anddelivers a max torque of 45 ft-lbs. Compared with other cordless ratchetwrenches in the market, such a huge motor and torque will spin fasterand powerfully during operation and provide durability. No longer worryabout insufficient strength!
  • 【Fast Speed & Flexible Design】Afraid speed is not fast cannotsatisfy multiple occasions? DINSHARE cordless ratchet wrench in automaintenance or home repair work has a max speed trigger up to 400 RPMprovides ultimate control of the tool! Such excellent Speed Capabilityallows you to adapt to most occasions according to your personal needsat work. With a flexible design, The 3/8 ratcheting speed wrench canratchet nuts and bolts effortlessly. Flexible to meet your diverseneeds!
  • 【16.8V Long-lifeBatteries】Poor battery life and no battery replacement? DINSHAREelectric ratcheting wrench set perfect solution to troubles includes TWOpowerful 16.8V batteries making it efficient to replace! The 3/8ratchet wrench is equipped with a charger, each 2.0A/h battery of theelectric ratchet can be used for nearly 1 hour at the highest speed.Long-life batteries make it a perfect mechanic tool for auto,construction, any home repair work. Never worry about running out ofbattery!
  • 【Built-in LED& Power Indicator】Too dark to work? The electrical ratchet wrenchtool is equipped with a LED, even in dark corners or garages can reachany tight spots to ratchet nuts effortlessly.DINSHARE 3/8 ratchet wrenchincludes a fuel gauge which consists of three LED lights that indicatethe level of charge remaining in the battery pack. This is a verythoughtful design to remind you when it's time to charge. Equipped withLED and Power Indicator will be your night glasses when working!
  • 【Power Ratchet Wrenches Set】Super complete set! We provide all theaccessories that meet your needs. Comes with: 2 X 16.8V 2.0Ah powerfulbatteries, 1 X charge, 1 X Nylon storage bag, 8 X Removable Sockets indifferent sizes. Cordless ratchet wrench set to make it widely used inany situation, such as automotive machinery, mechanical repair,scaffolding installation, furniture assembly, etc. DINSHARE ElectricRatchet Wrenches Set is enough to meet your daily work, don't hesitate!

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 30 March 2022, 02:13 PM


Loriell Luben