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Free Python 3 Programming: A Beginner Crash Course Guide Kindle eBook

Amazon offers Python 3 Programming: A Beginner Crash Course Guide Kindle eBook for Free (reg ).

Product Description:
It is easy to learn to program since there is no specialized equipment that you need to purchase to run the programs. All you need is the right version of the software, a good computer and operating system. You can learn to program from the comfort of your own home.
Python is one of the best languages with which one can learn how to program. There are multiple reasons why, but the simplest explanation is that Python is easy to read and write. It does not take too much time to write a working code since the language has a simple syntax, which makes it easy to write the code. This book acts as a guide for a beginner.
This book provides information on how one should code when using Python and what attributes of Python can be used to make the program simple. You can never trust someone who says they know everything about programming. New versions of Python are built regularly to improve the user experience. This book provides information on different aspects of the language and will help you learn more about different structures and functions in Python.
You have to keep in mind that the more you learn about programming the better you get at it. You will learn different ways to adapt your programming style to overcome some problems. There are a few exercises that have been given in the book to help you improve on writing code. I urge you to try to write the code before you look at the solutions that have been provided in the last chapter.
I hope you enjoy the journey you are about to begin. Power up that computer and prepare yourself for a few solid hours of programming.

Let me explain why this book is different...

I think that the best way to learn Python (or any other skills) is by doing it. This book includes visual charts that you'll guide you and help you learn those specific codes that you want to learn really fast. And in this way, believe me that you'll have an immense sense of achievement and it’ll also help you retain the knowledge and master the language.

The book is updated to the latest version of Python 3 and the main topics of what the book will be about include:
- An Introduction to Python
- How to Design a Software
- Learn How to Create Data Types and Variables
- Conditional Statements
- Create and modify Data Structures in Python
- Manipulate and Working with Strings
- How to Use Files
- Automate Coding Tasks By Building Custom Python Functions
- Solutions

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Posted on 21 April 2022, 05:33 AM