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Lipower 472Wh Portable Power Station with Solar Panel AC +FS

Amazon offers Lipower 472Wh Portable Power Station with Solar Panel for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • Solar Powered Generator 500W: APOLLE 100 will convert sunlight into direct current to charge the SOL500 power station (the SOL500 takes 6–9 hours to be fully charged). You will be able to access true, renewable, and clean power, even in off-the-grid locations.
  • Lightweight and compact: LIPOWER APOLLE 100 + SOL500 weighs 21lbs. Our solar panel functions like a briefcase and can be folded to 20.47 x 14.37 inch dimensions, while SOL500 measures only 11.0 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches, making them more compact and easy to carry.
  • Long-lasting capacity: LIPOWER SOL500 has a capacity of 472Wh, which can charge a smartphone 40+ times, or drones 15+ times, or an iPad (32.9Wh) 12+ times, or a MacBook Pro (58Wh) 8+ times, or a mini-refrigerator (60W) over 7 hours, or a 32-inch TV over 6 hours. It will be an ideal power choice for RV camping, while dealing with road trip emergencies, and during home power outages (CPAP users).
  • Versatile oulets: SOL500 features 2*Pure Sine Wave AC outlets (110V 500W 750W Peak), 2*USB-A ports (10W), 1*USB QC3.0 port (18W), 1*Type-C port (60W), and 4*DC ports (12V 6A); APOLLE 100 features 1*DC 5521mm port (100W 18V 5.55A), 1*Type-C port (45W), 1*USB QC3.0 port (18W), and 1*USB-A port (10W). It can accommodate all small-to-medium essential devices you need while camping or on road trips.
  • Gas and noise free: Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity for power stations or other essential outdoor devices. It is pollution-free and does not emit greenhouse gases, while also reducing the costs of diesel power generation.
  • Package components: 1*LIPOWER SOL500 Portable Power Station with 1*AC adapter, 1*Car charging cable, 1*Cigarette lighter adapter, 1*MC4 to DC cable, and 1*Accessory storage bag; and 1*APOLLE 100 solar panel with 1*DC to DC cable, 1*DC5521 female to Anderson cable, and 1*DC 5521 female to DC5525/DC7909, compatible with most types of power stations in the market.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 17 June 2022, 09:58 AM