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$33.99 City of Saints Whole Bean Coffee, 3 Pack Sampler - Your Choice of Light/Medium or Dark/Medium Roast

Woot offers City of Saints Whole Bean Coffee, 3 Pack Sampler - Your Choice of Light/Medium or Dark/Medium Roast for $33.99. Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Description:
Your Choice of the following:
3 Pack Sampler – Light/Medium - Roast to Order
Citizen Blend
This blend is a seasonal pairing of coffees that we feel coalesce to form a crisp, clean, sweet, and accessible option amenable both to espresso and drip preparations. In our own cafés, Citizen is the standard offering for espresso, where it evokes a heavy caramel body offset by potent autumn spices and a chocolaty finish.
  • Guatamala + Peru
  • milk chocolate | almond cake | apricot juice
  • roasted to order 
This blend is comprised of Latin American coffees roasted to a fuller, darker profile than any of our other offerings, making it a lovely choice for those desiring a classic New York cup, evocative of the austere affection one may feel upon being offered a seat on a crowded subway car.
  • Colombia + Guatamala + Brazil
  • Dark Chocolate | Roasted Marshmallows
  • roasted to order 
Guatemala | Q’anil
Q’anil is a coffee grown and harvested by the members of the Rio Azul Cooperativo located in Jacaltenango, deep in the Huehuetenango state of northern Guatemala. Q’anil is the name of the mountain the coffee is grown on, and also a local legend that dates back to the time of the Mayans, from whom the Jakaltenans are direct descendents. The coffee is processed by our good friends at Los Volcanes coffee based in Antigua. They work with Rio Azul on wet-milling, and then finish off the coffeein their dry mill at Beneficio Esperanza before exporting. The result is a coffee with a mellow friendly acidity that is bursting with sweetness and a subtle complexity not often seen. This is a coffee that can shine anyway you brew it.
  • Process – WashedVarietal(s) – Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
  • Altitude – 1700 to 2000 masl
  • Harvest – February 2020
  • Apricot | Tootsie Rolls | Tamarind Soda
  • roasted to order 
Approach – How to roast a Guatemalan coffee. Step one, purchase a delicious coffee that has been grown in Guatemala. Step two, well to be honest this is a trade secret, but basically it involves just roasting the coffee nice and light to highlight the amazing complexity and cup quality found in Guatemalan coffees. Step three, profit. It’s a good business plan but please be sure to give us some credit if you use it.
3 Pack Sampler – Dark/Medium - Roast to Order
This blend is for brooding, conspiring, scheming, and other tomfoolery best done in
the solace of one’s innermost self. Roasted to dark and treacherous extremes, this
blend channels the spirit of the Pacific Northwest’s “dark as a moonless night” style.
  • Tobacco | Cocoa Nibs | Caramelized Sugar
  • roasted to order 
Colombia | Santa Barbara | DARK
This single origin dark roast is an homage to Colombian coffee. We set out to create a roast that would highlight the spectacular sweetness that characterizes the best Colombian coffees, while emphasizing a round body and a great balance between acidity and bitterness.
Santa Barbara is one of the most consistent coffee producers we buy from. They have top-notch facilities and their commitment to quality is evident at every level of their organization. Buying coffee from them is a pleasure and we strive to roast it with the same care and attention to detail they produced the coffee with.
  • Process – Washed and shade dried
  • Harvest – June 2019
  • Blackberry | Cinnamon | Dark Chocolate
  • roasted to order 
Approach – This dark roast is intended to fully develop the coffees natural sweetness, and balance the coffee’s acidity with a slight bitterness. The challenge is to have a dark roast that doesn’t taste roasty or smokey, but is sweet, balanced, and strong.
A little of this, a little of that and a whole lot of classic Northern Italian espresso flavor. So classic we should be putting it in a tin, but we like our Bushwick Collective murals better. Well developed (but not dark roasted) with great solubility, dial this in for a great espresso and milk beverage!
  • Brazil + Ethiopia
  • Caramel | Cocoa | Confit Raspberry
  • roasted to order 

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Posted on 02 October 2022, 12:08 PM