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$179.99 Brondell CL1500-EW Swash CL1500: Elongated or Round

Woot offers Brondell CL1500-EW Swash CL1500: Elongated or Round for $179.99 (orig. $339.99). Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Description:
Get the most comprehensive clean, along with personalized comfort and luxurious details.
The Swash CL1500 transforms your toilet, offering fully adjustable warm water washes, stainless steel spray nozzle, warm air dryer, and built-in carbon deodorization.
It’s a cleaner way to upgrade your restroom routine—sustainably. Feels better already.
The right wash for every body
  • ​five adjustable nozzle positions
  • aerated water cleans gently and effectively
  • strong wash, massage, and pulse settings
  • fully adjustable water pressure
Features you’ll love
  • illuminating LED nightlight with on/off feature
  • hybrid water heating system provides a warm water wash
  • heated seat and adjustable warm air dryer
  • replaceable, air-cleaning carbon deodorizer
  • intuitive side-arm control panel
  • gentle-close, sit-upon lid
  • quick-release seat removal
  • available as an elongated bidet toilet seat or round bidet toilet seat
Stainless steel nozzle
  • rust-resistant stainless steel nozzle
  • self-cleaning nozzle setting runs before and after your wash
  • retracts to stay clean between uses
Sustainability in your bathroom
  • a sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • dry with warm air—not toilet paper
  • optional eco mode
Advanced features for an advanced clean.
  • stainless steel, 5-position spray nozzle
  • adjustable water temperature and pressure settings
  • strong, gentle, pulse, and oscillation wash modes
  • hybrid water heating system
  • comforting, 5-level warm air dryer
  • ergonomic heated seat with 3 levels of adjustable warmth
  • gentle-glow, LED nightlight with on/off feature
  • convenient side-arm control panel
  • gentle-close seat and lid; quick-release button for easy seat removal
  • sturdy, sittable lid
  • eco mode
  • air-cleaning carbon deodorizer
  • includes 1-year limited warranty

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 02 January 2023, 07:38 AM