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Lisen Adjustable Tablet Stand AC +FS

Amazon offers Lisen Adjustable Tablet Stand for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【NO WOBBLES】 To achieve the goal of 'Never Tip Over', we increase the weight of the base and lower the gravity center of the iPad holder. The base of that phone stands adds an additional 150g metal plate, which increases its weight by 80% compared to the old model, and its stability is improved by 100%. Besides, the iPad stand holder has a larger base area than others. You can stretch the moving part of the base out and the base area becomes larger to get better stability.
  • 【GOOD-LOOKING VISUAL】 Thanks to the 2 hinged locking structures, that iPad stand for desk can be adjusted at any angle and height between 8-9.5 inches. The hinge structures are composed of POM and stainless steel, which are both strong and durable. Experimental data shows that the tablet stand supports more than 30,000 bendings and stretching without loosening. The stable adjustability allows you to enjoy a better visual angle without worrying about sliding down.
  • 【Never Slide Off】 Thanks to the 2 hinged locking structure, its stability is greatly enhanced, even after bearing a heavy weight of 20KG it is still stable and will not slide.
  • 【BIGGER PANEL BETTER STABLE】 This iPad stand has a support panel that has a larger area to hold the device. Compared with other tablet stands, the contact area with the device has increased by 65%, and the stability has increased by 80%. Covered with a large area of anti-slip rubber, the product can catch the device firmly and protect the device, making it not easy to tip over and avoid being scratched. Thanks to stretchable hooks, the bottom support of the iPad Holder can become wider.
  • 【CAN USE EVERYWHERE】 This tablet stand can help you enjoy meetings, video calls, and even webcasts. It supports vertical and horizontal angle adjustment, allowing you to have a better viewing angle and show your best beauty. The larger and more stable design allows you to use it in complex situations such as kitchens and yoga mats without worrying about the product tipping over.

Category: Cell Phones & Tablets

Posted on 13 January 2023, 12:48 PM