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$4.95 Bon Appetit Magazine Y

Discountmags offers Bon Appetit Magazine Y for $4.95 (orig. $47.88)

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If you are a food fanatic, subscribing to Bon Appétit magazine should be one of your top priorities. It is a goldmine of information on numerous issues related to food and entertainment, providing readers with a look at great food, drinks, restaurants, and travel, as well as events. It has been one of America’s leading food and entertainment magazines since it was first published in 1956 by Frank Jones. Subscribing to Bon Appétit magazine comes with the following wonderful perks for you. Mouthwatering Recipes By subscribing to Bon Appétit, you gain access to countless recipes for a variety of delicious dishes. In each issue, you will find recipes for chicken dishes, desserts, vegetarian plates, as well as quick-and-easy dishes, all of which have been crafted by experienced, talented chefs. All recipes are written in an easy-to-understand language with pictures of the dishes, so you can get an idea how the dish should turn out. Your discount magazine subscription will also provide you with access to video tutorials on preparing these dishes. Information on Restaurants With a discount Bon Appétit magazine subscription, you can read up on the latest reviews of restaurants across the country. Find out what is available on their menu, what their hours of operation are, and if it’s worth your time to make a visit. The unbiased reviews will provide you with helpful information needed to select where you would want to have your next dinner in an ambience that caters to your needs. If you are looking for a magazine that provides reliable information on food, restaurants and entertainment, then subscribe to Bon Appétit magazine. Through DiscountMags, you can get a flexible, discount Bon Appétit subscription. With us, you can always count on getting the best price – plus you can cancel at any time! Join the over 1 million people who currently subscribe to Bon Appétit magazine. You won’t be disappointed. 

This offer expires on Thursday 01/26/17 11:59 PM EST

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Posted on 26 January 2016, 09:08 PM
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26 January 2016, 09:08 PM