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$399.99 Sole SR400 Rowing Machine

Woot offers Sole SR400 Rowing Machine for $399.99 (reg. $1299.99) plus $5 shipping.

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Product Description: 
Make getting into shape much more enjoyable with the Sole SR400 rower, featuring an ultra smooth air and magnetic resistance motion to create a realistic ‘on the water’ sensation.  This quality constructed machine includes a long aluminum rail that's accommodating to multiple users of varying heights. The folding design, and wheels upfront also make this rower easy to move and store, allowing users flexibility for it's use.
Designed for comfort, convenience and reliability, this rower also features a new advanced way of adjusting resistance during the workout.  Powered by wireless technology, the SR400 includes resistance adjustments in the rower handlebar.  This gives users the distinct advantage of maintaining workout intensity, while simultaneously adjusting the resistance, without letting go of the handlebar.  This is new technology only found on the Sole SR400.  
  • SR400 Technology - The natural comfortable feel of the Sole rower is created with an ergonomic design, a realistic feel, easy to view console display and strong durable frame.
  • Comfortable design - This rower offers a high sitting position that allows users to get on and off the machine with ease. The adjustable pedals fit multiple users at various heel angles and provide comfort and ease of use during rigorous or slower paced workouts. The belt drive is durable and quiet, and does not require any maintenance.
  • Display - Includes a clear LCD display. The monitor has multiple programs to help users achieve their workout goals including, interval training and heart rate control. Readouts include 500m time, total time, strokes per minute, total strokes, calories, speed, distance and pulse.
  • Foldaway design - Allows users to exercise anywhere in the home and store after use. It includes a quick release framelock design as well as built in rollers upfront. 
  • Smooth Magnetic/Air Rower Action - At any setting, the Sole rower delivers a smooth natural pull via a powerful eddy current magnetic/air resistance system. The 16 levels of resistance allow for a quiet but intense workout, that include benefits of distributed force along the most important muscle areas.
  • Wireless Adjustable Resistance - Found exclusively on the Sole rower.  Users can make resistance adjustments found right on the rower handlebar.  With this new technology users can maintain their workout intensity, while never needing to slow down to make adjustments on the console, or let go of the handlebar.  

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Posted on 19 June 2016, 10:09 PM
Woot Deals
posted by Woot Deals
19 June 2016, 10:09 PM