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$0.99 Don't Starve: Pocket Ed. for iPhone / iPad

Apple offers Don't Starve: Pocket Ed. for iPhone / iPad for $0.99 (reg. $9.99) plus shipping.

Product Description:
I personally am a HUGE fan of Don't Starve. Everything about it is fantastic and it currently reigns as my favorite game. So, when I first saw this mobile game, I got really excited and immediately bought it. However, I was sorely disappointed. First of all, the controls are really awful and make it extremely hard to kite or move around, which is obviously very important. For example, when you move around in somewhere like a forest, you have to move the screen around multiple times in order to find a spot to move to instead of examining the trees. My solution would be a D-pad, which would help A LOT. Another thing that makes this game difficult is the item movement in item slots. I think that moving items from the inventory to another slot or to chests is difficult because it has to be hovered over the other slots for a while and even then it might not move it. Another thing, an easy solution for you lazy developers would be to halve the health of the mobile creatures, similar to how DST buffed the creatures from DS. Overall, there are many things that this game needs to fix and it mainly revolves around the controls. And maybe it would help if you listened to the reviews that don't praise this mobile game so highly. I know that this game will never be as great as its desktop version, but the least you could do is listen to the suggestions and improve the game a little and make it playable.

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Posted on 22 June 2016, 01:54 AM
Fonzy 23 Jun 2016, 5:58 AM
Awesome. Great lil game. For a dollar you can't go wrong.