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$94.99 Valentino Men's Silk Tie 3-Pack AC +FS

Shnoop offers the Valentino Men's Silk Tie 3-Pack for $94.99 (reg. $450) after code with free shipping.


Product Description:
Calling all necktie fettish lovers. Hoping her love will come soon, as Cinderella dances away at her evil stepmother's house, as she just signed onto her fave site, and bought 3 Valentino Ties for her lova, for a mere fraction of what it was worth? She will kiss a frog, allow it to remain a frog, and be the envy of her zit-full stepsisters when she wears her Valentino ties because she seems to have a thing for them. They retail for $150-$200 (list price), and she got it for a mere pittance...$99.99!!!! That's more money than she earns in ten years of babysitting The Old Woman's Kids that live in A Huge Teva Sandal.
This is real. You can check the prices of what they sell used for on ebay. Put down your asthma inhaler now and stop pinching yourself. Yes, we are missing a few nuts and bolts in our craniums, but this hot Italian tie is the equivalent of the HotCars as opposed to the jalopies...and yet (harp please), it is at the price of the D.O.T! (Dork of Ties)! These are limited editions, and will fly fast...so don't channel Grandfather Clock Mode to wait to see what happens...Our psychic psycho writer here will tell you what will happen...
Utter chaos will ensue. You will see the Ties. Fall madly in love. Find it on other sites for exorbitant prices, and want to buy our entire stock. Alas, the maximum amount allowed for an individual to purchase is 5 orders of 3 ties. When ordering multiple ties, you will get different styles--no clones.
Basically this is what it boils down to (the fine print):
  • All Ties are Brand New Valentino Designer Ties
  • Made in Italy
  • No duplicates and styles will ship out at random
  • List value of all the ties will range from $150-$200 per tie
  • Each tie will come in Valentino Sleeve
  • Each pack of 3 ties will be sold for $99.99 (A $450 Value)

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Posted on 07 July 2016, 07:55 AM