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$69.99 Amped Wireless High Power 800mW AC1200 Wifi Router

Tanga offers Amped Wireless High Power 800mW AC1200 Wifi Router for $69.99 (orig. $159.99) plus shipping.

Product Description:
The RTA1200 is equipped with Amped Wireless High Power technology, a total of 8 advanced amplifiers and 2 high gain, dual band antennas. Delivering up to 3X the coverage of other Routers, the RTA1200 is the all-around leader of its class. With 4 gigabit networking ports, you can also connect your Smart TV, gaming console, PC, or other networking devices at blazing fast wired connection speeds. With enough bandwidth to handle high level activity on multiple devices, buffering videos and lagging downloads are a thing of the past. Make the RTA1200 the workhorse of your Wi-Fi network and experience Wi-Fi coverage and speeds like you never have before.Penetrate Walls & Eliminate Dead SpotsAdd long range Wi-Fi access to your home or office with the RTA1200. High Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and two high gain antennas provide unmatched Wi-Fi power and coverage. Providing maximum range, it easily penetrates walls and eliminates Wi-Fi dead spots.8 Powerful AmplifiersThe RTA1200 is jam-packed with high power technology. With a total of 8 advanced amplifiers and 2 high gain antennas, it delivers up to an industry-leading 800mW of output power. All of that power combines to deliver up to 3X the range of other routers.Blazing Fast AC1200 Wi-Fi SpeedsUltra-Fast AC1200 Wi-Fi SpeedsNext generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology provides Wi-Fi speeds up to four times faster than 802.11n. Making it an ideal router for buffer and lag-free HD video streaming onto multiple devices at once. AC1200 Wi-Fi speeds provide up to 300Mbps 2.4GHz connections and up to 867Mbps 5GHz connections, simultaneously.More Bandwidth for More DevicesThe RTA1200 combines AC1200 Wi-Fi speeds with Amped Wireless’ High Power Technology to provide multiple room, super-fast Wi-Fi coverage. The increased bandwidth of AC1200 Wi-Fi means your entire family can stream whatever they want, whenever they want, with no lag.Parental Security Features & Guest NetworksYou’re in control! Smart security features allow you to set the exact days and times that the networks are available, control how far your signal reaches, and even block specific devices from accessing the network at all. Create up to 8 additional Wi-Fi networks for guests or conference rooms and enjoy secure connections with WPS push button configuration.Powerful ProcessorPowerful ProcessorThe RTA1200 features a powerful internal processor for computing networking commands at ultra-fast speeds which results in faster wired and wireless connections.Share Files with USBShare Files with USBAttach a USB storage device, such as an external hard drive or flash drive, to share at home or in the office with other networked computers. Shared files can also be accessed remotely, over the Internet using a FTP client.Simple SetupThe Basic Setup Wizard walks you through the simple setup process and automatically configures the settings of your Internet provider. Taking only minutes, your new High Power Wi-Fi network will be up and running in no time.

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Posted on 04 August 2016, 03:12 PM
posted by Angie
04 August 2016, 03:12 PM


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