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$40 Fuhu nabi DreamTab HD8 16GB w/ Wi-Fi - White (Refurbished) AC +FS

A4C offers Fuhu nabi DreamTab HD8 16GB w/ Wi-Fi - White (Refurbished) for $40 (reg. $179.99) after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: SUMMER10

Product Features:
  • Inspires Creativity - Your child can draw, maketheir stories come to life through animation, edit their video footage,and publish their own storybooks.
  • Wings - Wings is a comprehensive and individualizedlearning system that motivates your child to keep learning and playing.Aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Wings is designedto provide children with knowledge of key fundamental concepts in math,reading, and writing. It'll also teach them to draw their favoriteDreamWorks characters with tutorials from professional DreamWorksanimators.
  • Keeps Parents in the Loop - Keep track of yourchild's progress with Wings N-Site. It gives parents an insight intotheir child's proficiency in different concepts and provides grade-basedassessments and usage reports.
  • Builds Self-Motivation & Confidence - Children earn badges and coins as they progress, that can be used to purchase games and apps. 
  • Absolutely Kid-Friendly - The nabi features App Zone, an app store with over 500 mom-selected, kid-approved apps.
  • Fun for Adults Too! - In addition to all the kidfriendliness, the DreamTab provides adults with parent mode, which ispassword-protected access to the full Android experience.
  • "My First" Social Network Experience: nabi Konnectlets children share messages, photos, and drawings with parent-approvedfriends and family members using a unique friend code, so your child'sprofile is never searchable

Category: Cell Phones & Tablets

Posted on 13 September 2016, 11:42 AM