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$9.99 Craftsman 19 Inch Tool Box with Tray - Black/Red +Free Store Pickup

Sears offers Craftsman 19 Inch Tool Box with Tray - Black/Red for $9.99 (reg. $19.99) with free store pickup.

Product Description:

Reliable tool storage is important whether you use your tool collectionat home or on the job. You need a way to keep tools safe and organizedso that they’re always ready to go when you need them. With a Craftsmanplastic tool box, you get the storage you need in the form of a ruggedcase that makes it easy to bring your tools along wherever you go.Having a portable box for your tools keeps them in order so that you caneasily find what you need for any job. Imagine trying to load all thetools required for a day of maintenance into your truck and attemptingto sort out the jumble once you arrived at the site. You would spendmost of your time looking for the necessary tools and not get much workdone. If you’re someone who uses tools for your hobbies, you know howimportant it is to be able to find the right type and size of tool atthe moment you need it. You can’t expect to build a sturdy shelf or areliable bookcase if all you can find is one hammer or screwdriver. It’salso handy to be able to keep the screws, nuts, bolts and other smallpieces that you need for building in the same place that you keep yourtools. When everything is stored together, you can simply grab the boxand take it with you out to the shed or toss it in the back of yourtruck before heading to work. This sleek, rugged tool storage provides areliable way for you to organize your collection. You can use a singlebox for everything or divide the tools that you need for different jobsbetween more than one box to make your work more efficient. The designis professional enough for paid work and yet casual enough to look rightat home on your workshop bench. Whether you use a plastic tool box forwork or for hobbies, your tools will always be close at hand. You’llnever have to waste time sorting through a disorganized mess in searchof the right tool for a task.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 22 August 2017, 03:46 PM